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 - 8 different difficulty levels
 - 6 attack buttons
 - Counter/parry system similar to Last Blade
 - Guard push, air/roll recovery, and wake-up attack
 - Chain combos and 2/3 button hypers (ex. QCF  LP+HP)
 - Level 3 desperation move
(low life and max power like KOF series)
- Exclusive "Kenki" system which allows very slight health/
power regeneration, combo breakers, and counter rolls
 - Character-specific victory movie clips  

  Kenki System

 1 - Kenki indicator is located just below the lifebar.
The kenki swirls faster as it reaches max level.

 2 - Over time, Kenki will swirl faster until it is in max level.
 3 - This can also be filled up faster with taunts, first hits,
counters, and guard push.
 4 - When Kenki level is max, the player is rewarded with slow
health and power regen.ounter/parry
system similar to
Last Blade
 - Kenki mode will allow players to use Tsunagi to extend,
dodge, or break combos.
 5 - However, Kenki will reset if you use any hyper/ougi or
tsunagi moves.

Tsunagi Moves
The following moves can only be used when Kenki is max.
Name Input
Chain attack  a+x (chain from any normal standing/crouching attack)
Rolling Dodge  b+y (dodge while guarding)
Combo Breaker c+z (break combos of 2 or more normal hits)

Basic Moves
Name Input
Run/hop forward  FF
Hop/dash back  BB
short jump  tap up
running jump jump while running (running chars only)
recover (ground) c+z right before hitting ground
recover (air) c+z while on air
sneak roll  F or B while laying down
recovery attack Hold D, c+z while laying down
guard push c+z while guarding (close)

Thank You & Credits 
- Dan Mt. for color separation/portrait fixes/sprite refining for Kenshin, Battousai, Soujiro, and Sanosuke
- EXELord from Infinity Mugen Team for the lifebar design
- Warner for Kenshin sprites, Edogawa Inpo for Sano sprites, and Tokathiki for Enishi sprites
- Sensei Yoda for Basarax Palace & Library Stages
- DooM for DM-Dojo Stage
- Sang Kalaza for Treant Forest & Mikyaku Impact Stages
- Kuroneko for Tayutama Shrine Day Stage
- Night for Hanzo Stage
- Alfred for MB-Satsujin Kousatsu Stage
- JAM for Basara X Osakahuyonojin Stage
- Vince from Ruroken.com
- Cybaster and various members of mugenguild.com
- various members of crusadercast.com